Watson Uses Email Blast to Introduce New Product Line

We recently received an email blast from Watson, Inc., promoting their new gluten-free ingredients product line.

The email blast opens by asking the audience to consider Watson as their gluten-free problem solver, offering various mixes for bread and muffin products, superior flavor and texture, technical assistance and product innovation, as well as alternatives to the ordinary.

Specifically, this email blast focuses on Watson’s gluteNONE™ product line, showcasing their bread and muffin mixes. With nice photography and strong, supportive bullet points for each gluteNONE™ mix offering, the reader learns that each mix meets celiac associations’ requirements, is adaptable to various types of bread products, and requires that very few additional ingredients be added to achieve the finished creation.

Also included in the email blast is clear, client-to-company contact information, promising users that Watson will aid your company in cross-contamination issues, labeling, and even marketing strategies. With links to their Twitter feed and “About Us” section of their website, Watson makes it easy for an interested prospect to take the next step. You can even reply to the email blast for more information or to request a sample.

Email blasts such as this one, are great examples of promoting a product successfully. This tactic allows Watson’s new product introduction to land in the email inboxes of prospective clients and current customers. Email blasts are a very successful way to generate new sales leads, increase product awareness, and by requesting a sample offer—allow the sales team to follow-up with closely targeted messages to those interested customers.

Can Frito-Lay Soften the Complaints of Its Biodegradable Bags?

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the sounds of Frito-Lay’s new, revamped compostable SunChips bags hitting store shelves soon … or can you? In April of 2009, Frito-Lay introduced a biodegradable packaging concept with its brand of SunChips. And with the big vamp on going green, it was a “natural” move on their part. But after a huge out roar from consumers complaining about the loud and obnoxious noise made by the bags, Frito-Lay took them off of the shelves in an attempt to fix the problem. And now they’ve created what they believe to be the solution. The new bags will feature a rubbery adhesive between the two layers that make up the bag to help reduce the noise. This redesigned, still-biodegradable bag will be hitting shelves in a few months, so keep your ears open and listen for yourself.

SunChips Noisy Bag Causes Frito-Lay to Hear Customers

Like the majority of us, you’ve most likely heard, seen or experienced the overwhelming rush of companies attempting to incorporate an eco-friendly something-or-other in their everyday businesses. Some have succeeded; others have not. In a November foodprocessing.com article, Frito-Lay was recognized by DuPont—a science-based products and services company—as a Gold Winner for packaging innovation with its biodegradable SunChips bags. DuPont stated that “Frito-Lay overcame significant technical hurdles to develop packaging that reduces the environmental impact of its SunChips brand.” Sounds like a success story, right? Not exactly. The overall consumer disgust (yes, I think I can freely say disgust in this case) for the loud noise made by even lightly touching the bag created an uproar of unpopularity by the public. So much so that Frito-Lay has taken the biodegradable bag off the shelves until they can solve the “noise” problem. I imagine that’s not an inexpensive fix. Moral of this loud, costly story? If you’re going to embrace new trends, don’t forget to think about your customers’ basic wants and needs, down to the pet peeves. If you don’t, you could wind up like Frito-Lay: hopping on the trend-bandwagon and falling right off the other side.

Philadelphia Macaroni Company Featured on Food Network Show

Philadelphia Macaroni Company—a manufacturer of … you guessed it … pasta and noodles, engineered to customers’ exact specifications—was recently highlighted on the popular Food Network Channel show, Unwrapped. Now, while third-party publicity is a great form of advertising in and of itself, Dean Lustig, Philadelphia Macaroni’s vice president and general manager, took the publicity one step further. He shared the news of the upcoming show with customers and clients on LinkedIn—prompting them to watch the episode—sent out an update to the company’s newsletter database, and is going to show the video at upcoming trade shows. Take it from Dean, that when you get your 15 minutes of fame, you should milk it for all it’s worth … especially if that fame comes in the form of 15 minutes on a cable television network. We don’t all get this opportunity, but if it comes around, follow Dean’s lead and share the experience with your existing and future customers. It’s all about credibility and worth the extra effort.

P.F. Chang's New Product Site is Easy on the Ice

P.F. Chang's China Bistro is a popular dining establishment that has recently boarded the ever-growing, now-in-your-grocery-store-freezer train. Having just unveiled its new line of frozen entrees, P.F. Chang's has designed a new website—PFChangsHomeMenu.com—dedicated to the new products. Although product specific websites are not as uncommon for new product lines, it's the clean, simple approach of the site that makes it so appealing. First, the customer can view a fashion show lineup of the product packages—a smart move, by the way, as this makes the product more visible to customers when they search for it in the frozen food aisle. They can then click on one of the food products to visit a page where you can view nutritional information and preparation directions. That's it. Simple as that. It quickly and easily answers a customer's three basic questions:

1) What flavors are available?
2) What is the nutritional value?
3) What do I have to do to prepare it?

P.F. Chang's has done a great job at making both its site and its frozen meals as easy as 1, 2, 3.